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About Publius

About Publius

Publius is a well respected, mid priced, no nonsense law office, exclusively specialized in public law and was founded on September 1st 2007 (out of the Public Law Department of the Deloitte-related law office Laga). Publius is located in Antwerp and Kortrijk (headquarter) and counts more than 20 lawyers, many of them with academic careers. Publius is therefore known as one of the bigger players in Belgium in the field of public law.

Our specialties.

  • Civil service law
  • Soil sanitation law
  • Energy & climate law
  • Heritage & archaeology
  • Constitutional law
  • Commercial sites
  • Local tax law
  • Local authorities
  • Environmental law
  • Utilities
  • Permits
  • Education law
  • Expropriations
  • Public liability
  • Public procurement, public contracts & PPP
  • Spatial planning & urban development
  • Real estate
  • Immigration law

Our approach.

We believe a lawyer is a counsellor at law who can help you in finding practical solutions to a problem or a challenge. We stand for a no nonsense approach and full transparency. If we feel that your chances in a procedure are slim, we always let you know. If needed we'll advise you to opt for the short way out. We will indicate if a PPP (public private partnership) is not the best solution for you and if procedural costs would be disproportionate to the real value of the outcome you are seeking. We maintain a high level of availability to our clients and take pride in respecting agreements.

Our clients.

We serve private companies as well as public authorities (federal, regional and local) and assist them in court proceedings, due diligences and advice. This diversity keeps us sharp and allows us to know what each side needs to resolve an issue. Of course we ensure that, in doing so, no conflicts of interest will occur.

Due diligence work is an important facet of our service to the private sector, and we do such in close collaboration with other players.

Other (foreign) law firms without specialists in (Belgian / Flemish / Brussels / Walloon) public law can always count on us for assistance. We are public law specialists, which means that we cannot compete with you in matters that are not ours. We often collaborate with architects, town planners, recognized soil experts and environmental bureaus.

As a Flemish firm, it is obvious that most of our clients speak Dutch. Nevertheless, we also provide our services in French and English.

Our lawyers.

We couldn't say it better than Chambers (edition 2023):

"Publius frequently advises regional authorities on disputes concerning noise pollution, health and safety and climate change regulation. The law firm additionally acts for clients from the energy, education and public sector on town planning and environmental permitting matters. It also represents clients in challenges to domestic legislation and other public law disputes.

The team at Publius is flexible, hard-working and very strong on public and environmental law."

Our pricing.

What does our service cost?

Right from the very start we will try to give you an insight into the outline of our fee. Our invoices are detailed, which makes it so that our clients always know what they are paying for. Our costs and fees can be divided into three sections:

The fee itself is the compensation for the services provided by Publius and is calculated as follows: the professional time needed to resolve the matter at a fixed hourly rate.

The administrative cost includes the fixed, general costs for the functioning of the office, and the administrative costs linked to the file (copying, registered letters, etc.). They are charged at a fixed percentage on the fee which is stated in the list of charges and fees.

The file specific costs include the charges which are advanced by Publius for implementation of the service you requested. These include, among other things, legal charges, court charges (for the registries of the courts, for court bailiffs...), transport charges, translation charges, and charges paid to third parties for the gathering of information, etc. These specific charges are included in the list of costs and fees.

Corporate data.

Publius bv ovv cvba

Registered office
Beneluxpark 27B
8500 Kortrijk
BTW BE 0891 771 577
RPR Kortrijk

Trust account
BE36 6301 3506 5081 BBRU BE BB

Office bank account
BE07 0015 3086 0666 GEBA BE BB